Tuesday, August 26, 2014


If it seems like I've been off the grid, that's not far from the truth!
Internet is spotty, time warps are confusing, and days are full but I wanted to send you a greeting from Italy in the form of a postcard quilt. This photo was taken right outside our hotel in Venice where hubby and I spent the last few days.

We braved the crowds, saw the sights, and explored all over Venice before heading on to Padova where we are now. I know I'll just have to share more in the weeks ahead but here's just a little snapshot of some tasty treats found here in Padova....panini and tremazzini (sandwiches), a spritz - the afternoon beverage of choice both in Venice and here - and a most delicious espresso beverage - caffeine pedrocchi - espresso with mint cream on top and sprinkled with cocoa. Oh yeah!
So I'll check in now and then but no sewing for me for a bit . . . small price to pay for the experience we're having.

Oh and in case you missed it, my latest post on Sew Mama Sew went live yesterday. I shared 12 Fundamental Quilting Skills, good helpful links from gifted quilters, which I'm sure you'll enjoy perusing.

So take care dear friends, and I'll touch base again soon...

Thursday, August 21, 2014

On the Go

When I saw the Simple Mesh Bag by The Inspired Wren on Pinterest, I thought it was so clever, and ordered some polyester hex mesh on the spot. I decided playing with my little stash of Cotton + Steel would be fun, and the bag was a quick easy sew.
But yeah, I had plenty of mesh left over, so I tried my hand at another bag of my own design. Measuring 6"x9 1/2", it's not perfect, but I kinda like it. One feature of this little bag is that I laminated the fabric you see through the mesh with Pellon's Vinyl Fuse, originally thinking it would be great for a traveling wash cloth and soap, but instead I filled it with my journal supplies. Either way it works. And though the horse fabric is subtle through the mesh, I thought it was still fun, and of course on the back, they're running free!
So of course I had to try again - this time making a "packing cube"-inspired bag. This one is 14" x 16" and turned out larger than I really wanted, but I was winging it - sewing on the fly - so whatever. It still will fit into my carry-on suitcase, which is what I was after.
So there you go - once again sewing up items I could have easily - and maybe more time-effectively - purchased, but now that just wouldn't be the same, now would it?