Monday, April 27, 2015

Guild Sewing

There have been several projects lately that are guild-related. Besides the Paint Chip Challenge, we are also working on creating a guild quilt - something that's been discussed for a long time. We were each given a packet with 3 of 4 Kona solids (white, ash, azure, cactus) and were asked to create a 5 1/2" block. We could add in the 4th color, so I did, and without really having a firm idea in mind, just started cutting and sewing. Here's what I came up with.

I got quite a few comments on Instagram when I posted this little block about how much they liked the color palette. Well that just happens to be our 'guild colors'!

Also, I've added another row to my Medallion BOM quilt! The color balance is much better in person, believe me. That purple Cotton+Steel print really helps the center block pop. With this most recent border, the medallion measures 32" square.

So with that, I think I've done my homework for our May meeting!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Through the Looking Glass

It's not that often that a final quilting project turns out exactly as I saw in my mind's eye when I began. In fact, I often have no vision whatsoever, but approach my cutting board with fabric and rotary cutter and just see where it takes me. But with my SMQG Paint Chip Challenge quilt, what I see now completed is as close to what I imagined as I could hope for. I call it "Through the Looking Glass," a glance into the mind of a modern quilter, where traditional and modern blocks live happily together.
The whole paint chip challenge was introduced to the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild by Arajane/you know what I love?, and I think everyone immediately thought it would be a great challenge! We were all given paint chips with shades of gray and blue, and some {lucky} folks got an extra little chip of citrine. The added limitation was that our creation was to be exactly 18" square.
As you can see, I was assigned to #teamgray, and I admit I wasn't disappointed one bit, though fabrics to actually match my chip weren't as easy to find as I would have expected. Here's what I finally settled down to work with:
What I started with was a faced inset oval. Then I just started making small blocks to fill up the space. (And yes, the center of that log cabin was removed and replaced!)
Eventually came the time to piece them all together, a little wonky at that.
As you can see, I made blocks that were very traditional, as well as some that were more improv - from a maple leaf that in my state of focus was made incorrectly and even a little "bacon" block as a nod to my Sizzling. I just made what struck my fancy at the time.

For quilting, I used Aurifil 50wt #2600 (light gray) and just echo-stitched the oval both inside and out. A simple "Pearl" frame was the finishing touch.

This challenge was really captivating. And as pleased as I am with the conclusion I came to, I'm equally excited to see all our guild quilts hung side by side at Seattle's Drygoods Design in June!

This is my 2nd finish from my 2015 Q2 Finish-A-Long list!