Thursday, November 20, 2014

Pillow Fight!

Whenever I join  a swap like The Great Pillow Fight Holiday Edition, I can't help but be a little nervous. Even with clues, it's hard to know if what you come up with will suit your partner. For me, there's always alot of hemming and hawing, but eventually one just has to jump in and start making.

With a request for cherry reds, lime/chartreuse greens with pops of aqua or ice blue, here was my first stash pull.
Of course, once I came to a decision on the pattern, some of the prints had to go, and a holiday text and stripe were pulled in.
The pattern chosen, Ice/Fire Star by Sew What Sherlock? was a big (24") paper-pieced beauty, and I won't lie, it challenged me. Let's just say, my trusty seam ripper kept me company throughout, but the more I pieced, the more I liked it.
For quilting, I went with a simple grid using Aurifil 50wt #2021 (Natural White). I like the calm texture it gave the busy design.

For the back of pillow, I went out on a limb based on my partner's comment, "I love yetis." Honest truth, I had to ask daughter dear what a yeti was! And then when I discovered Betty The Yeti Patch Green by Robert Kaufman Flannel on Etsy, I couldn't resist using it for the back.
I hadn't sewn with much flannel, but I did know prewashing it was important. After a quick Instagram poll, I opted for an invisible zipper, and the tutorial by Sew Katie Did made it pretty matter of fact.

Wanting to add a fun little extra to my swap package, I couldn't resist a soft and silly yeti mug rug.
My partner, Whitney/whitney (the peacock tree) received my package today - yay! And I can breathe a sigh of relief that my part's done, while I wait to see what comes my way . . .

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

November Bee Blocks

Bee blocks this month started out with a bit of déjà vu. Elizabeth/occassionalpiece had the Mid-Century Modern make pineapple blocks. She went above and beyond by sending us the fabric cut to size plus the pattern printed on parchment, which I found delightful to sew on. Funny thing was Elizabeth and I were also in the Always Bee Learning bee together, and she has us make the same block there. So by now I'm a pro, right? Not. But it did go together pretty well.

For FAITH Circle this month, we have a partnership - Sharon/sharonhuismith is doing the quilt designing and Melissa/~Me1issa will be quilting the finished quilt. Sharon wrote a pattern for butterfly blocks, and asked for lots of color.

And finally, in more ways than one, were July Star blocks for Toni/HoosierToni for That Stash Bee. These were fun to do in Toni's chosen palette. Though I'll be watching as more That Stash Bee finishes show up in the group feed, these are my last blocks for the bee. It's been a fun 2 years with a great group of women, but time for a change.

So mission accomplished. Feels good.